Joomla popup, image lightbox, flickr photos, picasa albums, plugin, extension, module

Joomla! image lightbox extension which provides ability to show image from folder(s), Picasa albums and Flickr photos in attractive popup.

Main features:
  • User friendly interface;
  • Provides ability to creating image galleries based on images from specific folder(s). Can generate thumbnails and cache data for decreasing server loading. Supports gallery mode (shows all image on page) and single image mode (shows the first thumbnail and provides ability for navigations between gallery images);
  • Can display Flickr photos based on Flickr photoset ID(s), group ID(s), collection ID(s) or user ID(s);
  • Can show Picasa albums;
  • Supports 3 lightbox themes: white, black and shadow;
  • Provides different layout themes;
  • Can display navigation buttons inside or outside of popup;
  • Keyboard navigation;
  • Supports slideshow mode;
  • Highly customizable;
  • Provides the following methods for generating thumbnails:
    • resize - resize an original image to necessary size with saving aspect ratio;
    • crop - get part of an original image with necessary size and offset;
    • crop and resize - get part of an original image with necessary size and offset and resize it to necessary size.
  • Can rotate thumbnails and apply grayscale filter;
  • Supports possibility for showing additional image parameters (such as description, title and other) which you can define in CSV file;
  • Can display lightbox automatically on page load;
  • You can change gallery layout. It requires minimum HTML knowledge;
  • Can display module in Joomla! articles with help ARI Image Popup plugin;
  • Open source and under GNU/GPL license.


Choose theme: Black | White | Shadow

Images gallery

It is a simple gallery example, but you can change gallery layout for your needs. For example, you can set necessary items count per row or add additional properties for images such as description or other on the module settings page. The module provides ability of creating image galleries from images on your server or from Flickr images and showing large images in Joomla! popup. Click by images for viewing these in nice lightbox.

Choose layout theme: Shadow | Pin | Clip | Flora

Audi 80
Audi A8
Mitsubishi Outlander
Nissan GT-R
Toyota Camry

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Module backend

Below you can see screenshots of the module backend. Images are clickable.