"ARI Layer Slider" is a powerful Joomla! slider extension which creates interactive and amazing presentations, scrollers and etc. It is possible to use any media content like images, videos, HTML5 content and other elements in slides. Moreover the component supports different visual effects: parallax, rotation, zoom, moving effects and others. This Joomla! extension contains a mighty WYSIWYG editor for creating sliders. It is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge.


  • Each slide can contain an unlimited number of layers which unique content.
  • Supports a lot of visual effects: parallax, ken burns effect, zoom, rotation, moving effects and others.
  • Possible to use rich content with YouTube and Vimeo videos, images, HTML5 content and videos, navigation between slides, hyperlinks and etc.
  • The extension is mobile friendly and responsive.
  • Import/export sliders. Create sliders on one site and easily copy them to other sites.
  • Contains a powerful WYSIWYG editor for creating sliders.
  • Possible to use rich content with audio, video, navigation between pages and etc.
  • Supports Google fonts.
  • No flash. The extension supports ability to create amazing effects using only javascript, HTML and CSS.
  • Works on PC and mobile devices.


Documentation for the extension is here. Demo of backend part is available here.


This Joomla! extension supports a lot of features. You can see some of them in action on demo sliders which are available by the links below: