ARI Image Before After creates a draggable slider to compare images. For example show differences between original photo and processed version of it. Compare images of different versions the same product like previous and next generation of a car, phone and etc.


  • A fresh way to compare images and be interesting for site visitors
  • Vertical and horizontal sliders are supported
  • Contains the module and the plugin which helps to embed the slider into any Joomla! content
  • Editor's button is included. Insert plugin code easy
  • Mobile friendly. It is responsive and works fine on desktops and mobile devices
  • SEO friendly
  • No flash. Pure javascript, HTML5 and CSS
  • A lifetime subscription and support. No additional fee

Compare two photos. One is original and another is processed.

After After
Before Before

Compare BMW X5 of 2nd (E70) and 3rd (F15) generations.

F15 F15
E70 E70

* All the images are owners' property


The video tutorial on how to install and use the extension