The extension does all what you need from Joomla! lightbox extension and even more. You can choose from free and PRO versions of the extension.

Free version supports a lot of features and it is enough powerful popup addon for Joomla! sites.

If need advanced features like splash windows, image gallery with paging and visual effects, load YouTube and Vimeo thumbnails for the selected videos automatically and other superb features then "ARI Magnific Popup PRO" is a good choice for you.


  • Can auto-convert existing links and open them into popup
  • Create thumbnails and add lightbox effect for existing images
  • Comes with editor plugin. It helps to generate shortcodes easy
  • Show splash popup to attract your visitors
  • Show YouTube and Vimeo videos. Load video thumbnails automatically
  • Supports slideshow for images
  • Exit intent lightbox
  • Mobile friendly. It is responsive and works fine on desktops and mobile devices
  • Retina support
  • Can be disabled on mobile devices
  • Use paging and visual effects for image gallery
  • A lifetime subscription and support for PRO version. No additional fee

Description of all supported features are available in documentation.

Hello dear visitor!

This splash window is created with help of "ARI Magnific Popup" extension. You can use the similar window on your site to attract visitors.

The popup will be closed automatically after 15 seconds.

Image gallery

Click by an image to trigger the popup:

YouTube videos

Click by a video thumbnail to play the video into the popup:

Vimeo videos

Click by the thumbnail to play the video into the popup:


Click by a following link to open the popup:

Open "ARI Soft" site

Inline content

Click the the image below to open the popup:

Show any HTML content into the popup.