It is easy to add image effects on the flight without using image editor. Suppose you have an image and want to add image effects to it: make it more bright, desaturate, blur, add noise or sharpen effect.

This task can be done easily by using free Joomla! plugin/mambot created by ARI Soft. The plugin is called ARI Image Effects and allows to add the effects:

  • blur
  • blurfast
  • blurmore
  • blurmotion
  • brightness (additional parameters: brightness (0..100) and contrast(-1..1))
  • desaturate
  • edges (additional parameters: mono (true/false, false by default) and invert (true/false, false by default))
  • emboss
  • fliphorizontal
  • flipvertical
  • histogram (additional parameters: color (number, number, number, number))
  • invert
  • laplace (additional parameters: contrast (0..1) and invert (true/false))
  • lighten (additional parameters: amout (-1..1))
  • noise (additional parameters: amount (0..1), mono (true/false), strength)
  • sepia
  • sharpen
  • sharpenmore

The plugin/mambot works in Joomla 1.0.x and Joomla 1.5 native and is free to use for non-commercial purpose only.

Please see the demo.


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